Mezzanines Structural and Erection


Mezzanine is an elevated floor system that is installed between the floor and the ceiling in an industrial setting. Often referred to as a work platform, steel platform and/or platform deck, a mezzanine capitalizes upon a building’s existing overhead space to create additional square footage.

When constructed with heavy-duty steel, these work platforms are capable of withstanding the rigors of the most demanding environments. Designed around a facility’s existing layout, a mezzanine enables companies to forgo the time and expense of a renovation or relocation project. Additionally, when engineered with a nut-and-bolt design, an industrial mezzanine can be easily expanded or relocated (as needed) to accommodate a company’s changing needs.

Depending upon a facility’s ceiling height, an industrial mezzanine can be designed to be single- or multi-tiered, effectively adding multiple levels to an existing building. With the additional square footage that companies obtain from these versatile work platforms, operations can be expanded to achieve greater throughput.

Industrial steel work platforms (mezzanines) are your best solution to fully utilize existing overhead space so you can operate more efficiently and profitably. You can gain valuable working, office, storage, or manufacturing areas at a fraction of the cost of new construction. We can help you put this space to work fast, with minimal interruption to your working floor area.


  • Work platforms
  • Storage Deck
  • Conveyor Support Platforms
  • In-Plant Offices
  • Observation Deck
  • Dedicated maintenance area
  • Product Display Area
  • Cat Walks