Pre-engineered Buildings

Pre engineered steel buildings offer the strength and durability. Imagine the possibilities.

  • Short Project Times
  • Reduced construction cost
  • Unobstructed interior Space
  • Large Clear space
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Aesthetically appealing

Primary Member Structures

Primary Frames are the main load-carrying structural steel components. The stability of the building is important for protection. Structural frame members are separated into two different categories, primary and secondary members. Main framing structure is made up of three rigid rolled plates of equal or varying thicknesses welded together to form an I-Section. This frame comprises of tapered columns and tapered rafters. The columns and the rafters may be either uniform depth or tapered.

Columns: The main purpose of the columns is to transfer the vertical loads to the foundations. Columns are made up of I sections which are most economical than others.

Rafter: A rafter is one of a series of sloped structural members (beams) that extend from the ridge or up-to the wall-plate, and that are designed to support the roof deck and its associated loads.

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Mezzanines Structural and Erection

Mezzanine is an elevated floor system that is installed between the floor and the ceiling in an industrial setting. Often referred to as a work platform, steel platform and/or platform deck, a mezzanine capitalizes upon a building’s existing overhead space to create additional square footage.

When constructed with heavy-duty steel, these work platforms are capable of withstanding the rigors of the most demanding environments. Designed around a facility’s existing layout, a mezzanine enables companies to forgo the time and expense of a renovation or relocation project..